The Dream

How the Frumple Came to Being

Tuesday, October 7, 1997 was a regular day for everyone in the world except for ME. I had a dream. It woke me from a sound sleep and catapulted me into action to create the FRUMPLES® as a way to share smiles in OUR world.

The Dream:

The Queen’s son and his buddies were jumping in the living room singing FRUMPLE, FRUMPLE, FRUMPLE. At the far end of the room, swirling fairy dust was playing over and over: “A FRUMPLE is a little friend, made with love and out of clay, a FRUMPLE has a goofy face to help you smile all day. A FRUMPLE in your pocket or near your bed at night can help to make things better even if kept out of sight. Miracles can happen we know this to be true when you hold your FRUMPLE in your hand and whisper I love you! She woke up Oct. 8, 1997 and created the first “FRUMPLE”®.

The QUEEN had a car accident in 2004 and hurt her knees. Her massage therapist gave her a pouch to wear. It made her knees work again in a few days. At a gathering she was muscle testing people with the pouch. A man came to her and said “My son can put your FRUMPLES through an acceleration technology to balance and strengthen them and you, just like the pouch.” She sent 6 FRUMPLES with him and he returned the next day with “EMPOWERED FRUMPLES®” She now makes the FRUMPLES and sends them and their friends on a trip, They return empowered. ENJOY!

I am grateful that you took the time to read this. Remember to never give up on your dreams... They come true if you are true to them!!


  • Healthy Living Suggestions
    Suggestions for a healthier being.
  • There are human acts I feel are universally unacceptable.
    Violence and disrespect is unacceptable behavior.
  • Thrive Movement
    Watch the movie. It can be viewed on the internet for $5 or better yet buy it and have showings at a home or office, school or church..
  • Energy is all there is
    Everything vibrates. If you find something that vibrates higher than you do it will help raise your vibration.
  • New Hair cut as a gift from a friend
    Have needed a face lift for the queens spirits and friends are so supportive.


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I loveeee my Frumple!
spacer I loveeee my Frumple...amazing how much better he makes me feel!! :)
Nancy - Clearwater, FL
Keeps me grounded!
spacer I have a dear friend in need of a frumple. She is dying of heart failure and I need to send her a sunflower right away. I love mine so much, I think it may help her as well. I love my dragonfly and wear it ALL the time. I truly feel that it keeps me grounded. I believe that ...
Maria - N. Redington Beach, FL
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