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Energy is all there is

Handmade Energy FRUMPLES vibrate at a higher level than most people so they tend to help you balance and focus. Joe called and said you promised I'd sleep better if I had a FRUMPLE and I said YES if you wear it all day and have a frumplectomy at night and put it on the table (take it off and way from your body).. Then again some people can wear them all the time. For me its a daytime thing and then off at night..
Even for pets it helps calm them and they will get resistant to it if worn all the time. In the refrigerator produce drawer it will help raise the vibration of the produce and keep it fresher longer..
Crystals vibrate at all diofferent levels - hence all different colors.
Be aware of what your body is telling you.
Be cautious as to what food you eat. EVERYTHING VIBRATES if you eat aspartame or MSG laden food your vibration is automatically lowered and more suseptible to disease. Processed food is generally not good for your vibrational field.
I just read that honey  from China sold here is hi-fructose corn syrup flavored with chemicals to taste like honey.
Even reading labels can be disheartening as they make it sound like its good for you and its laden wit low vibrational chemicals that are actually put in the food o make people sick so they then get dependent on perscrition drugs which totaly lower your vibration..
Frumples help balance and focus by vibrating at a higher level than the average human being. Try one out today and please send an email and let me know how it works for you!
Muscle testing is a great way to tell if you should or shouldn't eat or drink somthing.
There are many essential oils out on the market -- if you muscle test any oil compared to Young Living oils - YL will test higher than anything else out there.
  • Healthy Living Suggestions
    Suggestions for a healthier being.
  • There are human acts I feel are universally unacceptable.
    Violence and disrespect is unacceptable behavior.
  • Thrive Movement
    Watch the movie. It can be viewed on the internet for $5 or better yet buy it and have showings at a home or office, school or church..
  • Energy is all there is
    Everything vibrates. If you find something that vibrates higher than you do it will help raise your vibration.
  • New Hair cut as a gift from a friend
    Have needed a face lift for the queens spirits and friends are so supportive.


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I loveeee my Frumple!
spacer I loveeee my Frumple...amazing how much better he makes me feel!! :)
Nancy - Clearwater, FL
Keeps me grounded!
spacer I have a dear friend in need of a frumple. She is dying of heart failure and I need to send her a sunflower right away. I love mine so much, I think it may help her as well. I love my dragonfly and wear it ALL the time. I truly feel that it keeps me grounded. I believe that ...
Maria - N. Redington Beach, FL

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