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I loveeee my Frumple!
I loveeee my Frumple...amazing how much better he makes me feel!! :)
Nancy - Clearwater, FL
Keeps me grounded!
I have a dear friend in need of a frumple. She is dying of heart failure and I need to send her a sunflower right away. I love mine so much, I think it may help her as well. I love my dragonfly and wear it ALL the time. I truly feel that it keeps me grounded. I believe that she will feel the power as well.
Maria - N. Redington Beach, FL
Thank you so much for Frumpling me!
I know my Frumple helps with my general well-being so much! Also, I recommended Frumples to a friend for her father who was having balance issues and he is much improved. Thank you so much for Frumpling me!
Susan - Ft Myers, FL
Anytime I am inside with fluorescent lights that usually tire me and strain my eyes to the point I feel dizzy, I put my Frumple on and now I don't even remember I ever had issues with fluorescent lights - Awesome!
Anonymous - USA
I am grateful for my Gratitude Frumple!
I love to Wind Surf at 30 mph and my Frumple really does improve my ability and balance. At the gym, I have more strength and balance. At 70 years young, I am grateful for my Gratitude Frumple!
Richard - Sarasota, FL
I wear my Frumple every day!
Each day I wear my Frumple, I notice that my energy level does not drop during that after lunch slump. Now I wear my Frumple every day even with my other jewelry. I also buy Frumples for my friends, family, and co-workers to bring a smile to their face at the moment..and I know, many other moments!
Happy Frumple Wearer - USA
I love my Frumple!
I love my Frumple! I want to purchase more for family and friend gifts.
Lori - USA
I did not want to let another day go by without letting you know I LOVE MY FRUMPLES!! I find myself rubbing mine a lot when I'm thinking about something. Oh, and by the way, my mom was driving me crazy Sunday, we "stumbled" across the craft fair while looking for a new realtor for her "impossible to sell house" in Fort Lauderdale. She babbled away, "go here, go there", but I ignored her, rubbed my FRUMPLE, and I let my instinct take me... we ended up at an out-of-the-way real estate office on the back side of a shopping plaza and they seem GREAT - they LIKE the house, which is a HUGE step up over the last realtor and they have two offices, with our house almost exactly half way between! So thanks for your blessings that day :))
Holly - Ft Lauderdale, FL
Thank you!
I love my Frumple! Thank you. What energy and power I feel.
Maria - Treasure Island, FL
Feel the energy!
I feel the energy and so does my family
Holly - Naples, FL
Helped with Balance!
I have a Frumple and live in near a lot of older people with Parkins, MS etc. They are all looking for something to help them with their balance. - I loaned mine to a friend and had a terrible time getting it back!
Sue - USA
Fascinated by it!!
Anyone who sees my Frumple “work” asks about purchasing one. Can you please give me the pricing on the wholesale side? I can’t explain how it works, but people are certainly fascinated by it!!
Kim - OH
I LOVE them!
OMG! I have some of your Frumples and I LOVE them!
Amy - Portsmouth, VA
It really works!!!!!
My husband was given a Frumple by a friend - took the balance test and has been wearing it 24/7 for the last several months. Friends have commented "what is that you are wearing"? and when told, they are quite interested. I ordered several from the website and have given several as gifts . . . they are terrific… it really works!!!!! Thanks.
Phyllis - Boca Raton, FL
With me at all times!!
My frumple is in my pocket always!
Julie - Pt Charlotte, FL
Spreading the good word!
We met you at the Yellow Daisy Festival back in September... My mother, sister and I... we bought 5 of your Frumples and have been spreading the good word since... My future daughter in law has problems with her knees and other joints (Bless her Heart) but she wore my Frumple and she felt so much better
Denni - Stone Mountain, GA
Love it!
I love my pocket frumple!!! Wish I had gotten more of them
Shirley - Gay, GA
I can't wait to give these as gifts!
I am LOVING the Frumple that I purchased from you this summer. Now, my son-in-law and my cousin have asked for them as well. I can't wait to give these as gifts! Have a blessed day!
Karen - Cape May, NJ
I've never felt better!
Just wanted to thank you for my Frumple. I've been wearing it every day. My tennis game has never been better. I haven't lost a match. I'm spreading the word. I've never felt better on and off the court. Am I really 60??? I love my Frumple! In gratitude...
Mike - Jekyll Island, GA
I was like Superwoman!
I got my Frumple two days ago at the Neptune Festival. As I was walking past the stand, the lady was doing the muscle test on someone. I almost kept walking until the guy, probably a good 9 inches taller than the lady and at least an extra 100lbs heavier, started talking about the difference the Frumple made. I decided to have her test me. I have a terrible lower back, so I wasn't at all surprised when she could pull me down. Once I had my Frumple on though, I was like Superwoman! I was in shock; she couldn't even make me wobble! I haven't gotten to wear my Frumple throughout the day yet, but based on my muscle test, I can't wait! This is an unbelievable thing that could seriously improve lives. Thank you so much!
Cassandra - Virginia Beach, VA
Everyone wants one!
I was great to meet you...the ladies at Curves all tried the Frumples you sold me...they want one
Devaki - GA
So pleased!
I am so pleased, my boyfriend was so impressed with your frumple (I did the little demo thing on him), and he IS WEARING IT! :)
Panther - Central FL
Frumples gives you a better life!
My life is better having a Frumple
Carole - West Palm Beach, FL
We are amazed!
I purchased two of your Frumples today and we are amazed already at what they can do! Can’t wait to hear so I can spread the word to friends
Sondra - Decauter, IL
If you don't have any FRUMPLES - get some!
It was Paula who reminded me that life and this world is "just a ride" and that we have a choice right now between fear and love...and she said "let's choose love!". Paula is an amazing woman - her passion to serve humanity shines so bright! We are all fortunate to have her blazing trails to feed the hungry and end hunger as we know it; make sure there is clean water and that entrepreneurialism happens around the world! If you don't have any FRUMPLES - get some! The balance you out...and you support a great lady and great causes!
Kay - San Diego, CA
Glad I ordered!
Just received my Gratitude Frumple about an hour ago - put it right on & am feeling lighter already!! Glad I ordered - it has it's own personality! I have been wearing my Frumple every day & love it! Really enjoyed your website, and am highly impressed with your busy show schedule & business package!! I've been wandering down the Universal Energy path myself for quite a few years, & was in the process of reading a book when I got your invitation thru Facebook to check out Frumpledom......funny thing is this book talks about keeping a Gratitude Journal, & when I saw your Frumple Gratitude Book I knew that I was getting a message!
Pam - Norwell, MA
It reminds me to be grateful!
I wear my Frumple everyday. I'm kind of surprised that I do, but I'm sure you're not surprised :) I wear it as a bracelet. I like the gratitude symbol as it reminds me to be grateful the lovely life I am privileged to live.
Dawn - Bemidji, MN
I am now a believer in Frumples!
After I purchased my Goddess Frumple, the next time I golfed I had my first ever hole-in-one (in over 20+- years of golfing). Needless to say I am now a believer in Frumples. Thanks.
Bonnie - Sarasota, FL
Improved my golfing!
I wear the Frumple when I golf, my handicap has gone from 14 down to a 9 , so I think it must be helping, I ordered the other 3 for my friends, Good Luck.
Paul - Falmouth, MA
Keeps my spirit up!
I received your Frumples yesterday.... People can not believe what they do. I really enjoyed the first day wearing it. I hope it keeps me smiling and keeps my spirit up. He is really weird how it keeps you balanced. I would order more. I gave one to my daughter and two granddaughters.
Kathie - Manheim, OH
We LOVE our Frumples!
HI! The Frumples arrived! YIPPEE! I bought three from you then some of my friends wanted one too so I bought a few more. We LOVE our Frumples! :0) Thanks.
Tammie - Key West, FL
This is my second order!
This is the second order for ten Frumples. I'm supplying them to my Reiki group and many of them are using them as a visual evidence of their healing energy focus
Dick - Strongsville, OH
My Frumple goes everywhere with me!
Hi! My Frumple goes everywhere with me! :0) It really does work! It helps to keep calm, positive energy around me. Whether I' m teaching or in a confrontational board meeting .... it's all good! I LOVE MY FRUMPLE!!!!
Gray - Central FL
Rock on Frumple Queen!
Here is a testimonial for you. I remember when I first witnessed the Frumple. I couldn't believe it. I decided to not worry about how it works and just know that it does work. I wear mine daily. Rock on Frumple Queen!
Steve - Orlando, FL
They DO work!!!!!
Just a little fyi testimony. I gave a Frumple to my neighbor, diagnosed with Parkinson's. She was able to put her cane aside, had enough energy to walk from the parked car and actually walk around with her own cart in the store. She even had less tremors in her motor skills and voice. My mother, diagnosed early stages of Alzheimers, was able to walk with less of a shuffle and get up from her chair with little to no effort and seemed to be more energetic. The neighbor's children started calling her Super Woman....They DO work!!!!!
Cyndi - Columbus, OH
Thank You!
Hello Paula! I don't know if you remember me. I met you along time ago at Landmark when I was on staff in Boston (1997?) - I saw you on Facebook. I wanted to share with you a story about one of your Frumples and the joy, love & miracle it provided!! When I was on staff in Boston I bought several of your Frumples and gave them to my family for Christmas. Several years later my Mom & Dad were in Estes Park, Colorado on a little get away. They were riding bikes around the lake and they were just about back to the boat house when my Dad had a massive heart attack. Thank God the angels were watching over him – miracle after miracle saved his life! When I first heard the news I raced up to be with my Mom. When I got to the hotel she had all the personal belongs my Dad had on him when he had the heart attack laying on the table. One of those items was the FRUMPLE that I had given him several years before. Unbenounced to me he carried it in his pocket every day since I gave it to him years before. When I saw that little Frumple sitting there on the table smiling back at me – I was filled with an overwhelming feeling love and awe! I will never, ever forget that moment. That was the moment that I realized for the first time how much my Dad truly loved me and I knew everything was going to be okay! That was over 7 years ago and my Dad is more alive and healthier than ever! When I saw the banner with your smiling little Frumple I started crying with all the memories flooding back! I just had to write and connect and say Thank You!
Karen - Denver, CO
My husband and I bought 5 of your Frumples at a craft gathering in Florida around Christmas/January 2010. For no reason other than we were intrigued. But he has had no arthritic pain in his knees, which he suffers from every winter here in OHIO and it has been very cold. IT MUST BE THE FRUMPLE! Update - My husband and I are going to be in Sarasota and would like to get more Frumples while we are there for our friends. We are all retired GM workers who recently lost insurance benefits and many have arthritis and we would like them to try these--they have helped my husband (and that is not even why we bought them!) and another friend of his. His wife has a major balance problem and we sold him one of ours and he said he cannot believe what a difference it has made for her! We didn't buy it for any reason but that we were intrigued! The ease of his arthritic pain was a bonus!
Pam - OH
I LOVE your Frumples!
I LOVE your Frumples! I want to order some to carry at my Spa
Alison - Sarasota, FL
Not only did my balance improve but so did my game!
My family and I were playing bowling on the Wii game and I was not doing so well. I remembered I was not wearing my Frumple. After putting on my frumble we continued to play. Not only did my balance improve but so did my game! Thanks Paula
Connie - Tampa, FL
I feel really fortunate.
I met you in Marco Island. I was frumpled at the end of December of last year and I brought a Frumple with me back to Spain. I practice sport regularly, and since I have started running with my lovely Frumple, my best running scores have improved incredible, with much less training that I usually did in the past. Last weekend I even finished 2nd in a race with more than 2000 athletes!!!. However, today I lost my Frumple while I was running so I have just bought 5 Frumples using your webpage, so I don't feel so bad if I ever lose one again. I also plan to share some of them with my friends so they can try them and experience them. Maybe it has just been a coincidence, but all my sports friends have started to believe in "energy" and "balance". I was the first to be convinced ;-) So thank you from Spain. My times have improved from 1h19' in half marathon down to 1h15'... As I told you, just unbelievable ;-) I am looking forward to receiving the Fumples. Enjoy the day! Update - Hello again Paula, Yesterday I received the Frumples. By the way, last Sunday I ran a marathon. I took with me my wife's Frumple (I was lucky we got two when we were in Florida ;-) Well, I improved my best time 20 minutes. From 3h7' down to 2h48', after six years running. Well, I just have no more comments. I feel really fortunate
Oscar - Spain
Live in the Villages. Saw you there and was impressed.
Barbara - Villages, FL
We were frumpled for sure!
I met you on Siesta Cay at the Craft Festival and just happened to be in Sarasota that weekend for my Community Action Project for college. I just want to say although I have yet to purchase a “Frumple” I was truly amazed at what it can do as far as that muscle test you gave me and two of my friends. It was great. We were frumpled for sure! I love the energy and the information. I have passed on everything from your card to the websites to my co-workers and plan to send an email blast to all I know…keep your dream alive. God Bless.
Jacqueline - FL
I was recently reunited with my best friend from the eighth grade, who gave me my Frumple as a gift. I started wearing it a few days after she gave it to me and have worn it everyday since. I have noticed that it has a calming effect on me. I am happier and less stressed when I wear it. My boyfriend even notices a difference in me and he wants one for himself. LOVE IT!! Thank you!
Sheri - North Port, FL
Awesome. My kids love frumples and use them whenever they feel extra confidence.
Paul - Littlehampton, UK
I love my frumple!
I really enjoyed your energy – wish I could bottle some for my work environment. After reading this article, I knew there had to be something. I now can frumple my friends with the balancing test…I love my frumple – wear it daily – it actually puts a smile on my face – lifts my spirits even on those stressful days.I am very glad I stopped by.
Lisa - Tampa, FL
These frumples have brought me to a whole new level!!
Konnie - Ft. Myers, FL
No more pain!
I have Arthritis in my right foot. It has been painful and Iwas unable to bend my toes. After wearing my Frumple for 14 hours, I could bend my toes by the next day - all the pain was gone
Maureen - The Villages, FL
Wow! Having a Frumple experience is just good for your general health.
Amy - Sarasota, FL
Thank you so much!
I couldn't walk on concrete for more than blocks. With a Frumple, I now walk 3 miles with 2-5 pound weights with no pain in my arthritic knees. My balance and positive attitude have soared. I show lots of people how it works and they want one now. I also play 18 holes of golf 3 times a week and my balance and timing is so much better. Thank you so much! Update: I had to leave my Frumple off for true testing of my balance by the neurologist....
R.D. - The Villages, FL
Love it!!!!
I LOVE my Frumple!!!!
Lillian - Lakeland, FL
These are super great!
These are super great! Tried it and it works wonders. My Golf Score has been reduced by 5 strokes, mainly due to improved balance. Was a 20 handicap, now a 15 handicap. Enjoy and these really work.
Bob - Sarasota, FL
TOO MUCH ENERGY, need to remove 5 hours before bed!
Pinky - FL
Frumple has helped my golf game
I cant believe how much the Frumple has helped my golf game. It has improved my Balance tremendously!
Arloa - Sarasota, FL
Helped my health!
has assisted my physical therapy patients balance stopped my headaches from flourescent lights
Nadine - Sarasota, FL
It's a fast change in just a few days!
My friend's mom bought one from a show in FL. She was using a walker and was hunched over, but now she is standing up straight and only using a cane. It's a fast change in just a few days!
Stacey - Yorkville, IL
I'm in love.
I purchased a Frumple over the weekend and I'm in love. I suffer from DAILY headaches and migraines and I am happy to report I have not had one since Sunday.
Robyn - Sarasota, FL
Can't go without my Frumples!
My only problem is, now I need a few of them because I feel like I shouldn't go anywhere without them! By the way, I didn't wear it to bed, as warned against, but after two days of wearing it, I felt like my sleep was deeper. Is that my imagination or does that happen too? You might be interested to know that my son, who is a math genius and about to graduate from college with an A-B average in computer science, had no trouble believing that Frumples do have an effect. He did the balance test with my friend and although he is open to all things, I wasn't sure he would have faith in these. But he does. He says from even a scientific standpoint, of course certain "extraordinary" electromagnetic properties could affect us for the better!
Jan - Coconut Creek, FL
Spreading your sunshine here and there.
While talking to our concierge about show tickets, we decided we should Frumple the young man. We did...he loved it and got one from us. Another family was standing nearby looking at show brochures, were intrigued, and came over to be Frumpled... got 2... So , the fun continues.... spreading your sunshine here and there. Our friend, Dennis, from Venice, wears his Frumple faithfully.
L3BH, JK & RDK - The Villages, FL
Bless You.
I gave my daughter hers as she is sleep deprived from her 1st baby of 9 months now. She mentioned one day when we were together she thought the “Frumple” was actually helping her in getting thru the day, as our sweet baby doesn’t sleep very well. So I told her I had forgotten I purchased one for myself. So the next day I got it out put it on and I also believe I feel a bit more energy. Thank you for a great invention, all natural health is very near and dear to me. Bless You.
Kathy - North Fort Myers, FL
I bought a Frumple and I smiled all day. The energy got me over the drawbridge, through an accident & to the airport on time. (And I slept wonderfully on the plane.) P.S. I checked with my mom, and her Frumple is still working for her too !!! Thanks!
Ellen - Anna Maria Island, FL
I love the energy.
I love the energy. Have been experiencing it all day. Going to stop at your booth again. Sending two people over to experience. One feels energy like me and felt it over the phone, when I called her!
Donna - FL
I really love your FRUMPLES!
I really love your FRUMPLES! They have been a hit for presents too!
Rebecca - FL
I was so blessed by your energy!
I so enjoyed meeting you. I was so blessed by your energy and the story of your dream! Have been enjoying your website as well! My skeptical friend bought us all frumples and I have been wearing mine daily. Thanks for all the love and balance you are sharing with the world!!
Jean - St. Pete, FL
Love our Frumples!
I bought a Frumple and loved them so much we went online and bought 3 more. Thank you very much for your email regarding the OM sign Frumple….my son is so excited to get another necklace. He said his necklace told him about GOD…what an old soul. Thank you for making the world a better place! Please let us know when you are going to be in the Tampa area again, we will have to visit and stock up for gifts.
Laurie Kay - Tampa, FL
I love your message, vibration, community & spirit.
Each day I am always mystified by the blessings that come to me. This morning one of my clients VERY excitedly told me about this really cool thing she got in Mt. Dora this weekend......a Frumple! She didn't have it with her but promises to bring it on Friday for her next session. However, she did give me the literature. Being the ever pervasive researcher I found your site. :) I love your message, vibration, community & spirit. My purpose and vision reflects very similar passions.
Kristine - Orlando, FL
So Cute!!
they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Vicky - USA
dont change your site around
i hate it and i hate it even more now that you changed the site. jeffrond!
jihnnin and jeffrond - usa

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I loveeee my Frumple!
spacer I loveeee my Frumple...amazing how much better he makes me feel!! :)
Nancy - Clearwater, FL
Keeps me grounded!
spacer I have a dear friend in need of a frumple. She is dying of heart failure and I need to send her a sunflower right away. I love mine so much, I think it may help her as well. I love my dragonfly and wear it ALL the time. I truly feel that it keeps me grounded. I believe that ...
Maria - N. Redington Beach, FL

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