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Everything you wanted to know About Frumples!

As The Frumple Factory we are makers of individually hand sculpted clay vibrational jewelry that boosts the body's biofield. A Frumple is a forerunner in the new paradigm of Energy Balance System Products. Our hand sculpted clay beads promote balance and strength while showcasing your style through our variety of designs. Come discover how your body functions better when your biofield is more properly aligned.

Frumples®were created from a dream Oct.7,1997, by Paula Knudsen.

They are inspired by a prayer for guidance as to how to share smiles on the planet.

As of 2006, EMPOWERED FRUMPLES®came into being to increase the body's natural vibration for improved balance, strength, energy and sense of calm.

We now offer Original Smiles and Designer Styles!! We will also customize a FRUMPLE with an order of 100 or more.

The initial intention was to share smiles. It has now grown to make a difference in your consciousness shift, all with the awareness of being in the attitude of gratitude!


The Frumple® Factory, Inc is a blessedly appreciative, divinely inspired, socially responsible company committed to enhancing the energetic presenceof all...

  • Values: Wellness, Wholeness and Happiness
  • Vision: Healing the world energetically
  • Audience: Free Thinkers
  • Influence: Conscious Evolution
  • Higher Purpose: To transform the vibration of the planet to assist in a positive paradigm shift of cognitive consciousness.


Empowered Vibrational Tools: Original Smiles, Designer Styles, Pocket Frumples (our asthetically not pleasing Frumples) and Bracelet Frumple (only sold at shows).

  • Books: How Did You Do That and Frumple Gratitude Journal
  • Bumper Stickers: Frumple Bumples = statements for a great life
  • Healthy Living Suggestions
    Suggestions for a healthier being.
  • There are human acts I feel are universally unacceptable.
    Violence and disrespect is unacceptable behavior.
  • Thrive Movement
    Watch the movie. It can be viewed on the internet for $5 or better yet buy it and have showings at a home or office, school or church..
  • Energy is all there is
    Everything vibrates. If you find something that vibrates higher than you do it will help raise your vibration.
  • New Hair cut as a gift from a friend
    Have needed a face lift for the queens spirits and friends are so supportive.


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I loveeee my Frumple!
spacer I loveeee my Frumple...amazing how much better he makes me feel!! :)
Nancy - Clearwater, FL
Keeps me grounded!
spacer I have a dear friend in need of a frumple. She is dying of heart failure and I need to send her a sunflower right away. I love mine so much, I think it may help her as well. I love my dragonfly and wear it ALL the time. I truly feel that it keeps me grounded. I believe that ...
Maria - N. Redington Beach, FL
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