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Using therapeutic oils to enhance the energy of your Frumple while smelling great!

Some people get enrolled in whats wrong and most productive fun people are enrolled in whats right!!

Email received day after Christmas from Joe!

Wonderful 50 min meditation.. or background listening while typing!! Fabulous..

Don't swallow your toothpaste.. read the fine print. Not suitable for people.

What the companies are pushing off on us as food and why and what we all need to know about.

Reading the book Taming Your Alpha Bitch and enjoying the read - can identify myself and the women in my life to different areas of alpha. By Rebecca Grado & Christy Whitman

This will be an ongoing conversation about health and chickens. Distinctions in store bought and organic. If you can't read it don't eat it!!

Statement about grief. It comes in all shapes and forms and can attack at any moment. If given an attachment it owns your thoughts.

Choosing Blogging

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