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Healthy Living Suggestions

Choose to be healthy. DRINK CLEAN WATER. Add lemon and drink more water. Drink water, add Braggs apple cider vinegar (it raises your bodies PH). Cancer and dis-ease cannot live in a PH balanced body. Read the labels on everything you buy. If you can't read it don't eat it! Stay away from sodium laurel sulfate, propelyne glycol, MSG, hydrogenated anything, aspartame and no soy unless fermented organic. There are over 28 names for Monosodium Glutemate- MSG - sometimes labeled as natural flavor. Drinking soda is as bad for your body as smoking cigarettes- stop doing both. NO MILK - we are the only animal that drinks another animal’s milk and ALL milk bought at a grocery store is not good for you. It's been homogenized and pasturized and the vitamin D added is not bio available for the human body. Get whole milk cheese and butter, NOT homogenized.
Get a juicer - buy organic, local if possible. A dehydrator is a must. Walmart carries both and they cost under $100.
Start making your own crackers in the dehydrator using flax seeds, chia , pumpkin, sunflower, braggs amino acids and fresh lemon-- drink fresh juice - my favorite is carrots apples cukes beets and ginger !! The only fruit you should juice with veggies is apples.
NEVER eat melons together with any other food
It’s not you are what you eat you are what you don't poop!!  YOU must poop at least twice a day at least.
DRINK CLEAN water - take your weight and divide it by 2 and drink that many ounces a day!
Wear a FRUMPLE!  Drink water. Exercise. Breath deeply. BE GRATEFUL..

All of life is a choice.
What you eat - what you do - what you think - how you feel - what you wear- where you go- your actions/reactions - the people you are with, moment to moment. I have noticed for myself, I choose to live in a FRUMPLE bubble - which is what I choose to call my happiness. If someone outside of me does not have a bubble of their own design for happiness is around me to much they try to pop my bubble to alter my happiness. I have a choice to stay happy or allow the enegry vampire to suck the happy out of me. I have found that if there is a vampire in my midst and I don't allow them to pull me down they get angry. For me how it occurs is they are generally speaking about or acting out how they do not like themselves or their way of being. I will put up with their way of being - having thoughts that they are working through something. If the behavior continues I choose to avoid them completely.
Choose and choose powerfully your thoughts and actions - as it affects those around you. Even when they are not in close proximity. Thoughts are things. Choose your thoughts with LOVE.
Love is all their is. Choosing to love yourself is one of the most important choices you will have.
Choose and choose powerfully. help your eyes get loads of nutrition
my member # is 1268951 out how to make healthier choices for supplements and by using essential oils.

To realize the power of natural therapies, one must understand that our bodies are made up of the same substances as the earth and all of the plants and animals which inhabit her. Our cells are primarily composed of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen - these four substances also make up plants cell and thus essential oils. When we apply plants, in our case therapeutic essential oils, to our bodies, we are giving them a dose of the building blocks from which our body is created. It is for this reason that our bodies know exactly what to do with natural, earth-made remedies.Our bodies require natural remedies because they know how to use them. Modern man-made pharmaceuticals are unrecognizable by our bodily systems and are unable to be metabolized or eliminated properly. Give your body the natural, essential substances it needs and begin to see the vibrant health you desire.The body's largest organ, the skin, acts as a natural barrier to protect , but also serves as a means to transport substances into our blood stream. When we apply things to our skin, it is the equivalent of consuming it. This is also true for smells - if you can smell it, it has reached your blood stream and is traveling through your vascular system. This is why it is extremely important to use only the highest quality natural products in our daily lives, and especially when addressing dis-ease in the body.


Essential oils act as plant hormones, regulating plant functions and orchestrating the production of vitamins and enzymes for the plants.  They act as messengers and supervisors within the plant that help coordinate and initiate vital plant activities.  Essential oils may also do the same when applied to humans.  They are message-carrying molecules (called ligands) which intelligently assist our bodily functions and help to restore and maintain wellness.Essential oils possess homeostatic intelligence.  Homeostasis is that state where every vital biological process within a living organism is functioning as it should.  It is a state of perfect wellness.  Essential oils always work toward restoring and maintaining balance and homeostasis, first in the plants that create them, and then in the humans that apply them.Essential oils offer wonderful protection from viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi in the plants before they were commandeered for our use.  With respect to bacteria, essential oils are particularly valuable.  
We harbor many friendly bacteria that help us digest food and engage in other essential bodily activities, without which we can’t stay healthy.  Hence, when you have gotten over a bacteriologically caused sickness using antibiotics, your immune system has been depressed and your friendly fauna have been diminished. Antibiotics (and most pharmaceuticals) also make your body more acidic, which can stimulate the growth of fungi and other organisms in the body- thus trading one form of sickness for another. Essential oils appear to alkalize your body, raising it from an acid state prone to sickness, into a slightly alkaline state of balance, which is the natural pH of healthiness.  Just living and breathing around essential oils on a daily basis goes a long way toward maintaining vitality and wellness.  The action of essential oils inside the human body is always toward balance, toward the state of homeostasis where every organ and cell is working properly and in harmony.  Therapeutic-grade essential oils have homeostatic intelligence.

Excerpted from The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart Ph.D., D.N.M.‚Äč

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