Meet the Frumple Queen

Aka: Paula Knudsen, the Creator of the Frumples

Tell us a little about your personal life:

58 and “Youngenizing” living each day excited and passionate and ready to play the game of Making a Difference. Asking for what I want and creating miracles along the way.

Founded a 501c3 not for profit in 63 days and initiated the national food drive with the US post office that happens in May! I won the Boston Parent Advocate Award, was written up in Family Circle, New Age Journal, The Boston Globe, NY times and won Liz Walkers Angel Award. I also was honored to receive an acknowledgement from The House of Representatives in MA for all my community service. My present company is a dream come true.

My heart passion is providing natural health education which I do through my participation with Young Living as a way to keep myself healthy in addition to smelling great! Plus now I am able to share the goodness of essential oils! There is a plant on earth for all the ills of man.

What hobbies or interests do you have outside of your business?

My favorite things to do other than make FRUMPLES® is gardening, traveling, fishing, sculpting and creating and oiling!!!

Sum up your governing life philosophy in one sentence

Each moment is magic, be the change you want to see in the world.

Tell us about your business:

OCT 7, 1997 I had a dream. I woke up, wrote it down and the next day I went into the studio and created the first FRUMPLE®.For 65 nights I dreamt different poems. I got Trade Marks and went and had a book search done to see if there was anything in the world like a FRUMPLE®. There wasn’t. I have notebooks filled with ideas, stories, movies and FRUMPOLOGY® INSPIRATIONS!!! Face of the first and each one is different just like you and me!!!

What makes your business unique:

Three years ago I had given a presentation and gave each person who attended a FRUMPLE® as a gift and a doctor came to me and said my son has a machine that could raise the frequency of a FRUMPLE to help ward off EMF’s and help balance peoples energy fields. I took a class on Kinesiology, and can show how they help your body balance. I have continued making them myself and sell them at festivals, handing out a brochure and a sticker to anyone I test which has been my only advertising. I have a dream come true business that makes a difference for all involved. In the beginning they all were adorable little faces and now have over 60 designs. Each one is an individual sculpture.

Who has been the greatest source of inspiration to you?

Mother Theresa, Barbara Marx Hubbard, my books, my close friends

Who has supported you to continue?

My MOM, Sally

What did I do to get through my worst moments?

Cry, get on my knees, meditate and call MOM, PAMELA or PATTI!

How do you celebrate your successes?

CEO Space weeks or weekends, I surround myself with the worlds greatest people! I love to learn about how OILS help the body and am in continuous trainings to learn more.

I love to travel.

What advice would you give to others?

KEEP A DREAM JOURNAL, meditate at least 10 minutes every day and find people who believe in you and support your dreams to associate with.

What is the mission statement for your business?: Sharing smiles and balance in OUR world!

What motivates you?

Sunshine and blue skies, babies smiles and making a difference. My personal and business mission is to leave each and every with a smile! Waking up and being 100% functioning and painless is a driving source for my service of mankind. Being part of an organization that provides health education and Therapeutic grade essential oils,

Being part of a team that loves and supports one another is amazing!!

Being alive and a fully functioning adult is my greatest motivation!!

Allowing bad thoughts only 15 minutes in my mind.

Each moment is a birthday for the moment! Each moment is a brand new moment and can be used to empower or dis-empower the owner of the moment,

I choose empower over and over with Gratitude! Think of the alternative!!

How do you get new clients?

I share FRUMPLES® at Festivals and events. Finding new clients is as easy as testing to show how they work and having conversations about them! I always ask questions to get into their world and I always have answers even if its I don’t know and if you buy a FRUMPLE® and have a great result, please share it as I am putting together a FRUMPLE® news letter and would love to include your story!

I enjoy interacting with people. I spray my hands with THIEVES antimicrobial spray every 3-4 people to keep the germs down and muscle test everyone! Each person gets at least one muscle test, one informational brochure and a little heart sticker that says “I’ve been FRUMPLED®!” which creates a buzz with all the other attendees at the event!

I always speak of EMF’S and the damage of them and how FRUMPLES® may help and how 93% of our world is dehydrated, so drink water!! FRUMPLES® work better when the brain is hydrated. I tell the story of the FRUMPLES® dream over and over and over - I share the mission and interact with as many people possible at every given moment.

My primary intention is to leave every interaction with a smile!!!

How has the economy affected you?

The economy has supported me not affected me. As long as I am out there exhibiting FRUMPLES® in public, FRUMPLES® have an impact. Sales themselves are down a bit, but interest and awesome opportunities are forth coming! How do you balance personal and business demands?

With the way I have structured the business to this point I have little distinction between the two. I live with my son Jesse, my dog Oliver, 6 laying hens, a Sugar Glider, Wiskas and the FRUMPLES®. Have time for gardening and massage in between frumpling and laundry. Yesterday is a perfect example, I woke up answered emails and packaged 3 orders, went for a dog walk, went for a massage, stopped at grocery store came home to Kim and Gabriel in the pool. I sat and made 50 Frumples® while they swam then went to my sons for dinner. Today I will be home "frumplefacturing", dog walking, answering emails, sending orders and CEO space tonight. I do festivals on weekends where I set up the FRUMPLES® and be at the display for the day interact with people and muscle test, sticker and hand out brochure and they buy FRUMPLES®- its 90% fun and is playing my game of making a difference. I have friends that stop over and play with me sometimes and the frumpology® moves on!! I talk to my family members a few times a week, see them at least once a year. I have my Mr. Sibley who is one of my greatest supports. He is a player in my game and I am a player in his and sometimes we even make time to meet !! Thank GOD for computers and cell phones. What did we do before them???


  • Healthy Living Suggestions
    Suggestions for a healthier being.
  • There are human acts I feel are universally unacceptable.
    Violence and disrespect is unacceptable behavior.
  • Thrive Movement
    Watch the movie. It can be viewed on the internet for $5 or better yet buy it and have showings at a home or office, school or church..
  • Energy is all there is
    Everything vibrates. If you find something that vibrates higher than you do it will help raise your vibration.
  • New Hair cut as a gift from a friend
    Have needed a face lift for the queens spirits and friends are so supportive.


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I loveeee my Frumple!
spacer I loveeee my Frumple...amazing how much better he makes me feel!! :)
Nancy - Clearwater, FL
Keeps me grounded!
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Maria - N. Redington Beach, FL
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