Scientific validation of a Frumple

As far as a request for the scientific validation of a Frumple, simply put we have yet to invest in that documentation and prefer to focus on spreading new perspectives in our current paradigm that is indeed shifting to include a bigger picture of the quantum nature of the universe.

Our "claim" is not of scientific nature but of experiential nature.  There is nothing within the structural make up of a Frumple that would prove to be harmful to an individual, plant, pet or otherwise.

The experiential nature of the Frumple is that there is a balancing effect on the vibrational core of those who wear a Frumple.  This balancing effect works on the specific quality within each individual.  If that specific quality is equilibrium for one and emotional for another, what a wonderful opportunity we have for that vibrational equilibrium to occur.

We make no "claims" as to the acceleration process but simply focus on the results. Blessings and vibrational peace to you.


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    Watch the movie. It can be viewed on the internet for $5 or better yet buy it and have showings at a home or office, school or church..
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I loveeee my Frumple!
spacer I loveeee my Frumple...amazing how much better he makes me feel!! :)
Nancy - Clearwater, FL
Keeps me grounded!
spacer I have a dear friend in need of a frumple. She is dying of heart failure and I need to send her a sunflower right away. I love mine so much, I think it may help her as well. I love my dragonfly and wear it ALL the time. I truly feel that it keeps me grounded. I believe that ...
Maria - N. Redington Beach, FL
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