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Electrotherapy - MicroCurrent Biofeedback Technology
Introducing BEST™ Technology
Biofeedback Electron Stimulation Technology
Non-Toxic <> Non-Invasive <> Non-Pharmaceutical
Relieve Your Pain Through Bio-Feedback Technology
BEST™products produce micro current electrical impulses, which are transmitted by electrodes in the device through the skin to communicate with the body's nervous system.

BEST™products are controlled by a high performance microcomputer chip into which our supplier, Avazzia, embeds proprietary software.
The main feature which sets BEST™products apart from other electro-therapathy technologies, such as ultrasound, laser, and interferential, is its use of micro-current biofeedback technology.
                                                   Our bodies are electric!

A healthy cell functions in a narrow range of temperature, oxygen and glucose. It also functions best in the narrow electrical range of negative 20 to negative 25 millivolts. Any area of your body can be measured with a volt meter.

Voltage and pH are synonomous. The voltmeter measures the voltage in a solution which measurement we can convert to a logarithmic scale called pH ranging from 0 to 14. Items found in our bodies are either electron donors or electron stealers. Chlorine and fluoride in our drinking water, for example, are electron stealers. There are many electron stealers in our environment that are introduced to our bodies.

Most human cells operate best in a pH range of 7.35 to 7.4 which can also be indicated as a voltage range of -20 millivolts (mV) to -25 mV. When we need to make new cells, the body requires -50 mV.
When cells start dropping below -20 mV, we begin to have health issues. Electron stealers are the cause of this. In an experiment, when Dr Keith Brewer dropped the voltage of normal cells in a petri dish from negative 20 mV to plus 30 mV, the cells became malignant. Then he added voltage back into the cells. When he had it up to negative 65 mV, all cancer cells died.
As voltage in the cells drop from normal operating range, just like a drop in glucose, oxygen or temperature, the cells begin to malfunction. All chronic disease is associated with and identified by a loss or drop in voltage.
A glass of water with a lot of voltage will hold more oxygen --- less voltage ... less oxygen. Our cells are 70% water. As voltage drops, the oxygen actually comes out of the water. We then move from an aerobic to an anaerobic condition.
The Krebs Cycle is the mechanism by which the body, through metabolism, produces energy for the cell.

For every unit of energy you put into a well oxygenated cellular environment, you get 38 ATP's (cellular fuel) of energy. For every unit of energy you put into an oxygen deprived cellular environment, you get 2 ATP's.

This is like the difference between driving a car at 38 miles per gallon instead of 2 miles per gallon.

Electon stealers lower our voltage and therefore lower our oxygen retention potential. When oxygen is unavailable we begin to have a lot of problems with infections. Many of the bugs we carry are dormant until there is a reduction in oxygen. Then they become active and are freed up to do damage in the body. Heart valve damage is associated with infection.

Our immune system needs voltage to have energy to be effective.
The microcurrent Biofeedback technology used in the Avazzia Best™ Pro 1has been FDA Cleared for pain management that results from chronic conditions, post operative pain, and post traumatic pain.

The Avazzia Best™devices are available for use by medical professionals such as ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE and surgeons, as well as for consumers for the treatment of pain.
It is a scientific fact that all pain is associated with low pH in the immediate localized area of pain.  Adding electrons with an Avazzia BEST™device will tend to bring the voltage of the cells back to -20mV for a more alkaline pH.
BEST™products offer a simple solution in relieving pain & adding electrons to the body.
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