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Paula The Chicken Lady And Her Health Tips
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Got 6 day old chicks about 16 months ago.. They lived in a box in the kitchen until big enough to put in the coop. They are totally organic. Are locked in at night to keep away the critters,spoiled  and loved!!This is Gabe lovin' on them as little peeps!!

Red and Betty share the laying box with the FRUMPLE in the far back corner!! These will be 2 of the girls included in the up coming videos with tips for a better YOU!! The possibility of eating properly MOST of the time and cleanly all the time. Easy suggestions to make sure what you are putting in your body is CLEAN...Started with 6 girls. Goldi Hawn (the last bottom in the picture) died a month ago and we have been re-established a new pecking order!!
I will be adding to this blog whenever there is a new video to be shared!!
You made it this far.. Was it Frumples for focus? Or oils to smell yum and raise the planest vibration? Whatever it was call me and lets set up an intro for your frieends.. 941-685-0035 Leave me a message.

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