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June 23, 2015
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So I went to a presentation on google analytics today and it was suggested to blog  4 times or more week. So How do you pick which is most important to blog about?? I don't know the distiction between Meta title to Meta Description to Meta Keywords to title to description.  Do I blog about my passion for YOUNG LIVING Oils and healthy life style or providing Raindrop Technigue for people and animals to help them feel better. OR FRUMPLES or backyard chickens and the benefits of healthy free range eggs or clay for the FRUMPLES and how they are made and where they came from. Or blog about BALANCE of the energy of the body or life or both.. or all of the above.. OR just how did I end up in Sarasota really....My thought was to just start and it will unfold and maybe help someone else with choosing a healthy life style.
Stay tuned -- MIRACLES happen all the time and DREAMS do come true..

So now .. I am thinking about the speech I have to write for my TM meeting on Wed.. I titled it: Our Egos are Relentless and its a speech about insecurities in individulas and how we are all mirrors of each other!

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